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The Policies and Procedures Manual: Virtual Charter School Authorization and Sponsorship Process

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Reasons for Enrolling, Benefits & Challenges of Oklahoma's Virtual Charter Schools

Title 777 Statewide Virtual Charter School Administrative Rules

Title 777  Statewide Virtual Charter School Board Permanent Rules  

2019 Title 777 Proposed Rule Changes

Agency rulemaking is governed by the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act (APA) at 75 O.S. § 250 et seq. Notice documents required by the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act are published in the Oklahoma Register by the Oklahoma Secretary of State's Office of Administrative Rules (OAR). Informational materials on the APA rulemaking process are available at the OAR website. The public is invited to submit comments on proposed permanent rules during the open public comment period via email at info@svcsb.ok.gov or submitted to Statewide Virtual Charter School Board, Oliver Hodge Building, 2500 North Lincoln Boulevard, Room 4-37, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73105.  

After the close of the public comment period, proposed permanent rules are submitted to the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board for adoption. Proposed permanent rules which have been adopted by the Board are submitted to the Legislature and Governor for review in accordance with the requirements of the Administrative Procedures Act.

Proposed Rule Actions

The following rule changes were open for comment February 2, 2019 through March 4, 2019.  

A public hearing was held at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 in Room 1-20 (State Board Room) at the Oliver Hodge Building, 2500 North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The proposed rule changes were approved and submitted to the Oklahoma Legislature for review during the 2019 legislative session. Administrative rule changes must be approved by the Legislature or the Governor.

Chapter 10. Statewide Virtual Charter Schools
Subchapter 3. Statewide Virtual Charter School Sponsorship
Subchapter 5. Statewide Virtual Charter School Facilities

Notice of Rulemaking Intent
Proposed Title 777 Administrative Rule Changes
Rule Impact Statement

Oklahoma State Department of Education

The Oklahoma State Department of Education Virtual Charter School Program.