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Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter School Board Administrative Rules

Statewide Virtual Charter School Board Permanent Rules Title 777

Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter School Board Proposed Administrative Rule Changes

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Proposed Administrative Rules

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The Statewide Virtual Charter School Board does not keep student level data.

The estimated time to complete most requests is approximately thirty (30) days. However, reasonable response times may be shorter or longer, depending upon a number of factors, e.g., the volume of pending requests; whether records responsive to the request are available in electronic format that can be searched; workloads of the department/area/division where the documents are maintained; time necessary to conduct a search for responsive records; scope and complexity of the request; number of documents identified as responsive to the request and time necessary to screen responsive documents to prevent disclosure of data deemed confidential under state and/or federal law.

Note: Certain records or portions of certain records may be exempt from disclosure pursuant to state and federal statutes and regulations governing the privacy of educational records, student data and employee data, as well as other legal evidentiary privileges. Please refer to the Open Records Act for additional information.